Now Boarding: Your Flight To Anywhere

Hi we're Aaron Velky and Zephan Blaxberg. We've been travel hacking our way around the world for the past four years. Most of the time our tickets are either free or extremely cheap (we're talking like 12 bucks cheap). We've been doing this all while improving our credit scores, meeting really cool people on the way and having the time of our lives on the road. Ready to join us?
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Now Boarding: Your Flight To Anywhere

Do you want to learn step-by-step how you can travel the world

and spend as low as $6 per flight?

Give Aaron and I the next 7 days and we'll show you how to earn (almost) free flights to anywhere in the world, guaranteed! 

This interactive course is designed to teach you the skills you need to travel hack your way to your dream destination, one step at a time. 

This course includes:

  • Step-by-step training on how travel hacking works.
  • Our secret strategy to help you earn up to hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles without buying a plane ticket.
  • A system for finding and booking cheap flights (with frequent flyer miles).
  • A guide to keeping track of your credit cards so you never have to worry about missing a bill.
  • All the information you need to make your dream trip a reality. Plus, a plan to make it all happen.

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Imagine being on your way to your first free round-trip flight by the weekend

Ready For Takeoff?

Let us show you the tips, tricks, and secrets we both used

To earn and redeem millions of frequent flyer miles to travel anywhere! (You can, too!)

Four years ago Aaron and I didn't know each other but we had both become hooked on earning frequent flyer miles. Little did we know how much this hobby would change the course of our lives. The best part is when we did meet, we realized we both had the same passion. Seeing the world and doing it the financially responsible way.

Thanks in a large part to frequent flyer miles, we get to book and fly to anywhere but here any time we'd like! There's no way we could afford to travel to so many places without the use of frequent flyer miles.

But now, whether it's a wedding on the West Coast, wanting to grab lunch with a friend in New Orleans or simply celebrating a life event, we've made it possible for ourselves without breaking the bank.

Whether you want to travel around the world like we do, or just across the country to visit friends and family, we're going to show you how you can do it for pennies on the dollar using the exact same strategy we both used to earn and redeem almost 1,000,000 combined frequent flyer miles.

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Here's what people who have gone through the course are saying...

Regardless of your travel style, this course will help you get to your next destination for cheaper than you ever dreamed was possible!

What Can This Course Do For You?

  • It will show you how you can earn 1,000,000 miles and points
  • It will teach you how to redeem these miles points to save $10k - $20k on travel expenses
  • It will teach you a system that you can use for years to come to continue saving thousands of dollars on travel every year
  • It will show you the best order to apply for credit cards to optimize your earnings from sign-up bonuses
  • You will learn the exact framework we use to avoid annual fees and save hundreds of dollars every year
  • You will learn how you can easily get $500 worth of free travel just by signing up for one credit card
  • You will get everything you need to become a travel hacker and confidently earn and redeem frequent flyer miles to fly around the world for pennies on the dollar

Course Components

  • Understand Credit

    The Travel Hacking foundation comes from understanding and using credit to your advantage. We'll help you with both!

  • Bonuses and Fees

    The two things we help you with are equally as important - earning bonuses and avoiding paying any kind of fees.

  • Start Here!

    Not sure where to begin? Don't worry, our lineup of cards, links, resources and more will get you going without much effort.

Course Outline

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With all of the money you're about to save on travel, this course is a no-brainer. Click the button below to sign up and we'll see you on the other side!

But Wait There's More!

We're including these awesome BONUSES!

BONUS #1: Zephan's Best-Selling Book, "Flight Plan - The Travel Hacker's Guide To Free World Travel & Getting Paid On The Road" (Normally $19.95)

The truth is you could get all the information you need from this one book to start travel hacking but we wanted to make a great video course that answers all of your questions too. This book is a great starting point if you want to get the basics down right now and then run through our video course.

BONUS #2: Fee Dodging Training (Normally $29)

It sucks to have to pay annual fees on a credit card but some of the best deals come with annual fees. Using our strategies and script you'll be able to get out of annual fees on your credit cards and save more moolah!

BONUS #3: Expense Tracking Sheet (Only available with purchase of this course)

We've developed a system to track your expenses so that you can pay off all of your cards on time, hit your spending bonuses and make sure you're never hit with a penalty so bills get paid on time.

Check Out What Other's Had To Say


Life Changing!


Over the past six months, I have been working diligently to improve my financial picture. Your advice has significantly contributed to changing how I see credit and its use in my life. By getting the credit cards that you have suggested, I now make money as I spend. Through collecting points and bonuses, I am able to purchase other things. I get things that I would have already paid for, and now reward points flow into my account for the effort. It’s a beautiful thing to get something extra as I spend. Sometimes, the extra looks like a flight to anywhere.
by Erin. W


by Erin. W

The Travel Hacking course is a MUST! It's something everyone can use, and maybe should be called life hacking because they teach you so many different ways to use your rewards than just for travel. My mind was blown by the companion pass, my next'll have to take the course to learn about that! This course could be a lot more money as it's easy things anyone can do, and you'll save far more than the cost of this course in just a few simple calls to your current credit cards before you even learn how to save with new ones. A few months ago I learned the right business card for travelling and I'm happy to say that after looking up 6+ hour bus rides to and from a work event in NH, I remembered the points I had earned. In minutes on the credit card travel rewards web page, I got a quick flight and barely dipped into my bonus points for opening the card. It was truly the best feeling to know that I could spend a few hours flying, instead of 6+ hours cramped on a bus. Thank you thank you thank you!
Tasha H.

Credit Course Wins!

Tasha H.

Great information about how to use credit cards to your advantage. Not really sure what credit is? This quick course will not only teach you about credit, credit scores, and credit cards, but also how you can best use them to benefit your life!
Erin G.

For Moms and Entrepreneurs, too!

Erin G.

Honestly, travel took a back seat to life as a mom and small business owner. I accepted that my days of traveling the world would not move the front for a while. But after taking the travel hacking course I realized the only thing holding me back WAS MYSELF! Now with a few changes to my normal spending, I've already set travel goals for 2019 and I am excited to rediscover the world with new eyes. I can travel for free AND get upgrades to experiences I thought I had to budget for! Travel hacking offers a fresh perspective on how we should view travel. It's more about opening our eyes to new methods of traveling and unlocking key tricks that ANYONE can use. They offer tools to make setting travel goals easy and focus on getting big experiences on small budgets. If you think you can't afford travel... THINK AGAIN! These travel hackers got this mom and business owner to stop making excuses for why I can't afford to travel and got me setting goals I'm already making progress towards. The hack is less about money and more about mindset! I never thought taking my daughter exploring abroad or traveling to business events be this easy to achieve.
Alyson S.

Alyson S.

I wanted to improve my credit score to start purchasing rental properties. I also wanted to understand how credit is scored & travel more while saving money. I took Aaron’s class and bam! 3 goals in one! I paid off one credit card, and got approved for a Chase Sapphire card for $17,500 AND my credit score jumped up 72 points! I have a little more work to do, however now I have a plan! Thank you Aaron!


Meet Aaron & Zephan

  • Aaron Velky

    Travel Hacker

    Aaron Velky

    Aaron is a jetsetting, high-energy entrepreneur that speaks, writes, and educates across the globe. He's the visionary of Ortus Academy, a company revolutionizing education with financial decision-making practice arenas through games and online exercises. Travel hacking has changed his life, he says, and he's eager to help others earn their wings and take to the sky without paying!
  • Zephan Blaxberg

    Travel Hacker

    Zephan Blaxberg

    Zephan owns a full-time video production studio but when he's not working, he loves to take off and travel with his fiance. Whether it's flying off to Salt Lake City for a birthday celebration or heading over to Europe for a month, Zephan is extremely passionate about sharing how travel has changed his life and what it can do for you.

Disclaimer: We know that the strategies in this course work and it can help a lot of people but your mileage may vary. This course relies on the use and deployment of credit and/or financial tools. Aaron & Zephan are not financial advisors, and we are only sharing methods that are proven to work for us. What does this mean for you? Everyone is in a different stage financially and some people will not be able to get their points as quickly as others due to their financial status. With that said, we've done our best to give you the tips and tools to repair your credit and get to the point where you can travel hack. By enrolling in this course, you agree that you are liable for your own financial decisions and status. Aaron and Zephan take no responsibility for the decisions you make personally or financially as a result of taking this course.